Time well spent

I’m not a mom. Just a Godmom. But boy do I really enjoy this job. My lil browning is the sweetest. Time spent with him is time well spent.

We sat and watched mickey mouse clubhouse- we sung and danced from the beginning to the end! Lol I remember when I first saw my lil dancing bab. Haha!

Just a short post. Cherish your few mins to hours with loved ones. I am going to miss this lil man and the jokes he gives. He has a face for everything. His excitement face is the best! Proper mouth open and a passionate scream. Especially when mickey mouse does “OH TOOLS!”. Kid belts that out like he’s at church thanking Jesus for life!

We don’t know how mych time we have on this Earth. But the time I do have with my loved ones I will truly do my best to enjoy- once we’re together for a positive reason. If it’s to cuss then that could be fun but…. yaknwamean?

Time to play with his curly brown hair now. ENJOY YOUR day!



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