Night time thought: Ladies beware

Something I’ve noticed. Plus I was watching a few relationship ‘therapy’ videos today (YouTube: Tony Gaskin- this guy is fine, qualified and honest).

Be careful when you engage with a male and give him any of yourself; heart, mind, body, emotion. Woooo no! Honey boo boo chile.
1- You are precious
2- Giving any of those gets you too emotionally involved and it’s hard to walk away when it’s needed.

This is not a female empowerment or men are dogs post, just beware of snakes in that nice lawn you’re setting your picnic up in.
If you’re going to get to know someone then do it. Keep your heart back, be friendly (a future relationship with them is best built on the foundation of friendship even if u know u want it to lead to more), and spend at least 20 mins with Google by searching their birth name then there nickname/hood name on fb/twitter/IG. The Internet is a resource to be used- same way we use it for uni assignments. Your friends are resources too but mind them.

I’m no expert but I’m careful with males that causes my hormonal state to altar when in close proximity physically or mentally (thinking of em).

Final note. Some guys will happily get to know you as their side boo while they have a main chick ( Hmm. Bleeh. Guys are funny people!)
Just my opinion. Be smart about guys that want to be more initially and male friends that want to step out of the friend zone.



In the meantime Jesus has my interest and will tell me who to give my time to if and when they will, have not or have already shown up 😉
Me gusta el pollo x


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