London Bridge


I was in London!!!!

Haha like it’s even madly special. But it was good to go, get my hair did, spend the day with my bestie plus old and new friends and go on the London eye.

Yesterday I got 4 hrs sleep. Today Saturday I got… 5. When I get in it’ll probably be another 5. Lack of sleep is almost normal right now. Because in 6 days I leave for Spain!! That’s right. I move for a years placement and I’m excited. I’ll continue to write random stuff and Spain focussed fun, oo and tweet me en Español: es_hmmkiki. I received an email yesterday from the family I will be living with and it became a REAL moment. I’m moving to a country who’s native tongue isn’t English, to a region where Catalan is the main language (the cousin to Spanish) and living away from the city. Wow. I’m doing it. Turning all the way up and giving my all this year into this job and experience.
I am currently calm and looking forward to it. In SXM it’s normal for young people to go uni in Holland or America to study, so I’m happy I’m moving country as it’s something I would have done had I still been living in the Caribbean.
So London today was mainly to do 2 things: get souvenirs and do my hair as a dear lady constantly tells me that when I go I have to put my best foot forward ←This is exactly what I will be doing. Now I went and did my hair and met up with my bff then went to Westfield (Stratford) to shop and eat. There we met her cousin and my old friend from col- haven’t seen Jen for 4 yrs but I love her still! Lol, she’s one half of the creative mind behind . *PAUSE* Go check out the website and come back in 2 mins.

Did you go? Yes- Good. No- you’re not appreciative of my suggestions and should go sit in a corner and think about your life!

You would think when travelling on fast tubes etc you would be at places quickly, but in fact you don’t get to places that fast in London town.
We went to the London Eye! Finally and it was beautiful at night! Yippeee. But as we were on the eye I got time conscious of my coach and if I would make it to Victoria coach station for 10pm. Lo and behold I checked my ticket and realised it was for 9pm! X_x  -______-  It was 8:45pm and we were not getting to the bottom of the big ting for another 15 mins!
Cut a long story short. We rushed and ran and made it to euston 40 mins later to get a train. Nearly cost me £50 and I had to run to the train with my hair slaying in the wind.
Did I say my hair got done today? Boo I was looking fine at 2pm but when I checked the train mirror I realised after the big nandos dinner at 6 that we all were saying we were warm and I did in fact sweat my hair out. Lol!

Anywho I am now sat on a train home, won’t get in til 11:30/midnight. Spent about £150 in 10 hours. All I have to prove for it is my amazing weave and the Secret of Victoria’s underwear! 😉

Hair and panties yano. The guy who searched my bag (he wasn’t cute but his colleagues were) even asked where the champagne was. Haha. What a day. What a power walking, hilariously, special, momentous, fun, expensive day.

Memories are what I live for!
And btw I have no souvenirs and leave on Friday.
Somehow the Lord will create a way. Phil 4:13




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