First day of School

School was fun today!!!

In Spain they have them by 1st primaria, 2nd primaria to 4th, then 1st ESO to 4th. 1st Primaria are the infants, 4th is the oldest of them I think 12. 1st ESO are the secondary school year 7 type, and 4th are the 16 y/o’s.

Being a Conversation assistant has been fun so far. You just talk to people in English and encourage conversation. The older ones I got jokes with, the younger ones you have to talk about a variety of subjects. The primary kids are uber cute and full of life.

My last class of day 1 is what spurred me to write. Plus my Samsung galaxy s3 just died on me, it wasn’t dropped or anything but it needs Jesus before I click order on the s4. So the young kids, about 8/9 are very inquisitive and some of our convo went a little like this.

Kid: do you have a boyfriend?

Me: No

Kid: Not for long, that will change

O_o if you mean you’re hooking me up with your brothers then cool, cuz they’re so cute I genuinely want to meet their family.

Kid: Have you ever visited Africa?

Me: No

Teacher: Sorry, he thinks so because they think all black people are from Africa

ME: *laughs*, it’s ok I’m caribbean.

Teacher: Yes, you do have el Caribe look

LOL. I love their innocence, they just don’t know. I’m happy I’m black and have this opportunity, other than English and British things I can tell them about America, the Caribbean and black culture. Genuinely pleased and looking forward to getting them all to a good level of English so they can travel and mingle in English speaking lands.

One of the older kids wants to be a Psychologist and is coming to B’ham next year. Which is cool, as she’ll probably holla when she lands.

Two other kids, when we spoke about music said they liked dubstep. O_o I didn’t know dubstep travelled this far, I don’t really listen to it, I know un poquito of what it’s about but I was pleasantly shocked to learn that some knew of it.

Lunch time was interesting though, I went in the canteen, btw this is a very small and old school. Teachers don’t eat with kids I have seen but who cares it’s free and I like it! There were just 3-5 y/o’s in their making up noise, but I sat and smiled eating my soup, sausage and bread. Then I realize, it’s a 2 HOUR LUNCH BREAK. The older kids go home and come back. Me now don’t have keys and the joint is on Fort Nocks lock down, front door is locked, toilets (minus one I found) was locked, classes locked,  I was locked in with about 10 of 25 teachers and like 50 kids. I had never experienced such imprisonment in school before but I had jokes wandering around. Tomorrow I should get my keys so I can open the front door and toilets, then I’ll go and walk around the town. There’s a nice lil cafe which looks like a bar from Walker Texas Ranger, mehhh it’s a cosy environment. The houses in the village are that of old Italian movies, I can’t say Spanish movies as I can’t recall any.

Overall, my family are incredible and minus the culture clash I will love them more each day as we teach each other of our language and culture. I haven’t cooked yet, but come weekends I will lay it down and probz call Ana for the quick cake recipe.

It’s an exciting journey, I’ve been calm. Cried before I left as I knew I would miss people, there was and is no fear of this journey. Slight apprehension, no anxiety, pretty calm. I know I’m supposed to be here, to grow and learn as I’ve been pushed personally a lot in the past 4 days. Not by the family or anything, just my own idiosyncrasies. But I’m here to broaden my horizon and learn.

My fave scripture to end, Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I saw this the day before I flew on my Bible app and I knew God was deffo with me since then!

Flight to BCN
God’s creation. View from the plane en route to Barcelon 27/09/2013



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