Day to day living

Was talking to a friend last wk and kind of drooling over her kids Godparents… she chose well 🙂 Anyway, as I’ve been here a month now I thought I’d say a little about my experiences and everyday life. This may sound very fact based, apologies. 1- The kids at my school are angels compared … More Day to day living

My random writing

I write so much that sometimes it annoys me. I like writing and writing random things in hope of finding a purpose for it. I met an American guy on the train today and we talked. Sometimes I go overboard on twitter and really wanna share to the world a lot of things that happen … More My random writing

Quick bed talk!

So I’ve had a great week. First asian wedding of my beautiful girl from school days and a lot of fun adventures. Haha. Let me revel on my most marvellous of Tuesday’s! Haha Now to the bed talk at hand. I have started to really recognise that we really need to be role models to … More Quick bed talk!