So you’re talked about

Get used to being talked about.

Embrace being talked about.

I was pretty much sure of myself and when people spoke about me it didn’t phase me… much. I’m in Spain, it’s a new environment and I’m a new person to everyone. I get talked about a lot. The village, knows me and the teachers are interested in me. They all can’t speak English but I hear certain words that tell me I’m the subject. I haven’t noticed bad things just good but still I’m learning to just embrace being talked about whenever I go.

I don’t have a bad past so not anything to worry about and I’m a pretty pleasant person to be around so there’s no worry there. When I finish in a years time it does make me think that I should have tougher skin and should be fine with people talking about me. No matter the light- good or bad. Being talked about is being talked about!

I got really conscious of this hence I wrote about it.

Think I’m done. I remember an instagram pic saying that haters only hate because they are below you and want to pull you down. So if you’re being hated on (being talked about negatively) it must mean you’re higher than. However if they’re of a higher status it’s snobbery, I’ve endured this too *rolls eyes*.

Such is life. I fell in love with a pic that truly made me embrace life more:


4 thoughts on “So you’re talked about

  1. Hope you enjoy your time in Spain, I lived abroad for a while and guessed when people were talking about me, as my fluency improved, it was rarely anything bad and instead were more compliments. Being talked about, will rarely harm you, being neglected, overlooked and forgotten about can be more damaging sometimes.

    1. Oo where did u live? Yes I’m loving it… v true, I agree. Even with thick skin being overlooked would be painful over time. Sometimes I think if u r u could always do something different and shine in area you’re good at so people notice you. Not tryna be too religious, but your gifts make room for you and God will give you favour before man 🙂

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