Good days outweigh bad


Sometimes I look back and really dislike certain days or things I did or were done to me. For example, the tutor that marked me down for group work was a big misunderstanding, she affected my grade but when we spoke it got better- that was a bad thing done to me but I LEARNED from it!
A few hours ago, in my too many hours free on my temporary timetable, I had to stop myself when I remembered plans failing badly and me being so mad at something that shudda been extra special.
I have to remind myself that even if I had 360 days bad in a year those 5 (and a quarter) days of good are what counts.
Where I am today is a lot of faith and belief. Today I’m in Spain, I’m living here for a year to work. I wanted with a serious want like Elijah’s mom in the Bible to travel AND get a placement this year. I didn’t know how it would happen but I really believed and knew it would. To have them both combined, has been greater than what I expected.
The secret, really works! I recommend you to read the book or watch the dvd.

This post is a reminder that you shouldn’t hold regrets or envy other people’s amazing experiences (this sounds similar to a previous post I wrote). You should embrace the good and bad and learn from both. Bad can stretch you and grow you so much more than the good. Well that’s what I’ve found recently.

I’m here. In Spain!! I came to work my ass off and they actually put me to work from day 1. I am embracing this challenge and will strive for more as I become better.
I’m extremely grateful to my friends, family and church that have loved and supported me. I prayed so hard for you all before I left, that the kindness you showed me will be showed to you 100 fold; that the love you have shown to me over the years will rub off onto everyone I meet; that your families and gifts will grow and be used for the goodness of God. That- Oo I’m about to preach so lemme take off the preacher hat and stop imagining the organ music.

So grateful & I just wanted to share 🙂



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