Quick bed talk!

So I’ve had a great week. First asian wedding of my beautiful girl from school days and a lot of fun adventures. Haha. Let me revel on my most marvellous of Tuesday’s! Haha


Now to the bed talk at hand. I have started to really recognise that we really need to be role models to the younger generation and get our life in order.

I had a video that I deleted… We need to motivate others, be better for others, help others and encourage others. As a young woman I love having older women I could go to and ask questions and get advice for hings I’m going through. I had a mini revelation about my life and shenanigans. I was not a good example by the things that I did but I was always quick to give correct advice that I found too hard to follow. How can you advise when you don’t believe it enough to follow through with it in your actions? It doesn’t make sense. I’ve had to stop some stupidness that I did, so that when others ask for help I can give a good example of what I did AND how I overcame or changed my ways. Everyday we should become a better version of ourselves. Everyday should be a new page in a book of our life, where we only look back to review and highlight steps, lessons and/or good stuff. As we grow older, our physical bodies are growing and changing and our minds and beliefs should evolve to enable us to create more opportunities to achieve more- whether it be in relationships, business, work, finances, etc.

You can be 21 but have the maturity of an 8 year old or of a wise 30 year old. Let’s sharpen our minds a little.



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