My random writing

Sitting near a harbour in Barcelona

I write so much that sometimes it annoys me. I like writing and writing random things in hope of finding a purpose for it.
I met an American guy on the train today and we talked.
Sometimes I go overboard on twitter and really wanna share to the world a lot of things that happen in my day. Maybe I just like to share especially as I’m here in Spain. It’s hard to contain my tweets but I’ve been tweeting a lot less this year.
I don’t even talk a lot in real life, unless it’s a story that needs detail.
I don’t often get writers block for writing. I just think of topics and boom, start tapping away on my phone. Writing lyrics now that’s a joy, but recently it’s only half a song at a time. And I just started a gospel one last week that I possibly finished in church today but I didn’t record that freestyle prayer music I was singing over 😦
I can’t wait to play guitar better so I can write more and create melodies almost instantaneously!
I’m not sure when I became a little number obsessive and wondered about my stats so much. I like to write and maybe when I love to write consistent and thought out posts I’ll be satisfied if even 1 person reads it. Who are my readers? I dunno, so few that I should know but I don’t. I get no direction on what you like or don’t. I’m not trying to create an online me, I just like writing and sharing a lot…maybe too much.
I hope you notice every other paragraph was a random bit of info. 2 stories in one post. Boooyaaah!

Thanks to those that encourage and tell me they like what I write. It’s touching when I reminisce or read your messages. You’re awesome!

Your writer xx


2 thoughts on “My random writing

  1. Glad you like to write! I started keeping a journal in June and haven’t stopped since. Like you my thoughts jump from place to place and i write about anything that comes to mind, no specific direction. That’s the fun of it though, following to see where you will think next :).

    1. I do ♡ I’ve started journaling since i got to Spain. Prior to that i did ‘write the best thing in a day’ in a jar thing everyday 🙂 Aaah ‘following to see where you will think next’ love that! Very true. How do u feel about stats?

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