Day to day living

Was talking to a friend last wk and kind of drooling over her kids Godparents… she chose well 🙂

Anyway, as I’ve been here a month now I thought I’d say a little about my experiences and everyday life. This may sound very fact based, apologies.

1- The kids at my school are angels compared to British kids!

2- Spanish people are friendly. In catalán regions they use a greeting to say goodbye adeo, usually said as just deo (day-oh). Which means goodbye and god bless me for being able to see you again.

3- Spanish people talk fast. I’ve sat in hour plus long sessions of pure Spanish or Catalán and have basically found that after 30 mins I start to fall asleep. Lol but I’m slowly learning!

4- People here are expressive and when speaking in English can be blunt. You know I’m right at home with that kind of honesty 🙂 they’re just not always very honest and keep things quiet at times.

5- The misconception that Spain means hot is WRONG! I’m here in autumn and mate it’s getting really nippy now. Not as bad as England but I’m having to buy long clothes, shirts and cardys as I came with hot summer gear 😉

6- We eat 4x a day. You know i love it, you know i want it (8) Lol but I think I’m getting fat 😦
Rice is rare, chicken is less rare. Meat mix is common with like pork and beef I play guess the meat games. It’s all tasty though- yaaay catalán!

7- When you have to meet for a certain time. It’s either on time, 10 mins before or after. I like this efficiency!

8- Politics and the government issue is BIG

Everyday life
Leave the house by 8:25 to start school for 9. I’m contracted and my timetable means I’m here everyday even if I only have 4 hrs of teaching that are spaced out. I work with all ages, 3-16.
In Spain they have p3, p4, p5- primary age 3, 4 & 5. Then 1st primary to 6th primary- primary ages. Then 1st eso to 4th eso- high school age. After they go onto do a baccalaureate at an institution (college) similar to the UK’s associate level (a level).
Lunch is at 1, I get it free from school and usually it’s tasty. I’m usually hungry immediately after so I try go shop during the week to buy snacks for post lunch eating. Finish at 5, home before 6 usually. Fam dinner at 8/9, up to bed by 10 to give parents some couple space and for me to unwind and write.
So many teachers at school I’m not sure of most of their names :-S I also don’t speak to must of them due to the language barrier. There’s about 25 members of staff, 3 of which are male. We make the conversation effort to talk in our native language in hopes the other catches on, it’s quite fun at times.

Here’s a shot from school what the kids have in the hallway!


We don’t get half terms but days off for certain celebrations and you know that means food too! E.g. all saints day involves roasted chestnuts and this small nut pastry- both Spanish names I’ve forgotten but the macaroon looking pastry is GOOD!



It’s a cultural thing to go to the cafe a few times a day. I started to like it as an escape to just talk about life. I even tried tea! Basically infusions tea but I don’t drink tea so this was a big step and it was not too bad. I’ll stick to my hot chocolate though!

Té de España

Lastly they have really nice tasting soya products and varied dishes for those who have a wider palette.

Anything you’d like to ask about my day to day life, shoot!?


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