Too much seafood on the seashore

Galicia and it’s seafood. I need to remember pulpo means octopus and to stay away.

Ahora, buenos tardes queridos lectures..

Chilling in bed with CeCe Winans music as I write blog posts in MS Word.
Chilling in bed with CeCe Winans music as I write blog posts in MS Word.

It’s a Sunday afternoon and I realised I haven’t written for almost 3 weeks and I’ve wanted to. I just didn’t know how or what to say or how to give the story some triumph. I’m currently sat in bed in a lovely house with big bedrooms that has not had heating and hot water for 2 days. I was going to move here and it’s when I got here I realised it wasn’t right for me, so soon I’ll be out. I saw 3 houses, only 1 had Wi-fi and the guy totally won me over so that’s my likely destination.

I have a lot to backtrack on and since I have a few hours I’ll get tapping away a possible 2 part story of what’s been happening and how I came to leave Barcelona. Thank you to the new followers and likers in my last post about writing. I’m sat here with no Wi-fi writing and I’m like, “yes I you can write with no internet, I can cope!” Haha.

But for now, I’m in Galicia in a small town that sees the extremes of the weather that I was not prepared for. It’s winter and here it gets cold like England. It rains more constant than England. But the food is much cheaper than England. I’ve also drank way too much wine and beer since being here, maybe I’m growing up. Mehhh we’ll see. Plus I watch Scandal where Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope drinks wine more in the bad than the good times. Maybe that’s where I’m getting it from. But red wine is a dry taste, too heavy, full of grapes, more for the hard hitting balls that life throws at you. Red wine feels like what a difficult part in life feels like to your physical weariness, but it’s for your senses, emotions and taste buds. As you can see, I don’t like red. No matter what bad that happens, there must be some cheer and happy moments of a day that will lift a load and bring a smile no matter the size. For Pope that could be her red wine moments, she seems to be happy after that.

This is not a Scandal review, I do like the show though!

I’ve been here for a few days and have spent a night at a little quaint hotel where I realised I will be growing a lot faster than I thought previously. I’ll be living with people, flat mates like uni students but we have no similar life plans. I’ll be cooking, cleaning, budgeting even more, working and studying here. It doesn’t scare me, I like challenges that I can almost quantify. It’s the unknown unapparent, lurking like a creep that rounds the corner 40 secs after you type of challenges that throw me off. However that is the type of challenges life mainly prepositions me with, I have no choice but to do it.

Yet I complain about the cold, I have so much to be exceedingly grateful for. I found a second placement that will give me more life skills and add to my book of achievements. By the way every failure is an achievement when you learn from it. I know this time round will be very different and more unplanned, unexpected and down right fun! I look forward to meeting more people in this town, like the American girl I’m now friends with. There are so many kind people in Spain, like the lady who I’m living with that is ok if I leave. The fierce conversations that can surprisingly leave me educated, in wonder and intellectually exercised like the guy that told me I have African heritage and I had to tell him the entire race started from there which he agreed.

These caliente chocolate con leche de soja (hot choc with soya milk) basically come like hot thick choc mousse!
These caliente chocolate con leche de soja (hot choc with soya milk) basically come like hot thick choc mousse!

As I write, the 2 part episode will be in a reflection and will touch on my emotions and facts. I sometimes think I’m an open book, writing to the netherworlds of the internet is too easy to share and maybe my transparency will eventually learn it’s limits.

It will be up in a few days, so look at the pic of my hot chocolate! It’s OTT but hotly BOOTIFUL! Muahahahahahaha. Or in the mean time while you wait a few days tell me about your life challenges, successes or failures. I’m no life coach but sharing is good for the soul and my sometimes nosy behaviour 😛



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