Gimme that good good Barce love 1!

My penultimate week at school was fun. This kid called his brother a pet that he looks after, another kid hugged me and I let her, I tried some tea (and I don’t drink tea) and I saw more black people! I love my adventures.

This post follows my previous one about being in Galicia. You may want to read that first as a reference, up to you.

Day before I left and wandered into Las Ramblas
Day before I left and wandered into Las Ramblas

I can never speak badly of my school or family in Barcelona. The teachers were loving and the children were kind and enthusiastic. The family were a nice bunch of people and I miss the noise of the triplets in the morning.

My biggest lesson here was to communicate with people. I learned to love to talk and encourage conversations at school but I didn’t realise the family hardly communicate what they felt with me.

As I think over the few days from being told I had to move family to being told I had to leave it’s hard as to what to say.

In lesson form:

1-    Communicate

2-    Don’t over react and cry

3-    Pray as He won’t give you more than you can bear

4-    Retreat to your quiet thinking place

5-    Werk!

It’s hard to not cry when you realise just how bad things are when you’re told in Spanish there is no where else for you to be placed and we suggest you go back to England. The feeling that you’re somehow an immigrant takes over, where you have no papers and only a bag of clothes to put on your back and decide if to get a boat home or live under a rock somewhere till more work is available. No it’s not that bad, but I cried and accepted it and knew uni was gunna be a bit messy. That day was fun in the afternoon with the chestnut celebration at school, they had class games in the playground and treats. I watched and chatted with teachers like nothing happened, as you still have to find happy moments and put your troubles behind you.

That evening I prayed my way through to control my thoughts and put things into action. The Bible says that He would never give us more than we can bear and will plan us a way of escape (New Testament, 1 Corinthians 10:13), in time I would see. They graciously gave me another few weeks to kick it and see sights but I really wanted the comfort of home so I started to pack before I even had my Christmas ticket changed. At this point I was in Barcelona and had already spent over £300 on fights there and for a Christmas trip home. I didn’t tell anyone I was coming back for Christmas that was my gift to my friends………..Merry Christmas snitches! So to change my flights went from another £360 on the 1st call to be lowered by the 3rd call to say yes I’ll pay whatever to change this to leave in 2 days.

Mind you if school was nicer to let me stay another week I would have been paid. I hate working for free when it was agreed to be paid. “Either work for full price or free, never for cheap” but with some opportunities you will work for cheap. This type of job meant I had no bills and expenses so the pay was more like an allowance to enjoy our free time and live in a house for free while working a mid PT/FT job.

I went back to England and retreated to my quiet thinking place after a night of surprising my good friend and partying for her 21st! Woot Woot. I flew through Amsterdam and was home before 10:30pm. If you didn’t know, I’m part Dutch and AMS had me captured and spending in just my short layover in the airport. I will be back there soon!

Amsterdam airport
Amsterdam airport
Schipol Boulevard. the Dutch pancakes I so badly want was there and I was too late for em
Schipol Boulevard. the Dutch pancakes I so badly want was there and I was too late for em
Dutch ceramics in the Boulevard
Dutch ceramics in the Boulevard

Part 2 tomorrow morning!



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