Gimme that good good Barce love 2!

Part 2, follows on from Part 1 and the post before that which you may want to read: Galicia, part 1

On the Monday after unpacking the Sunday and thinking things through and accepting the feelings of failure, disappointment and really not getting my way I had to put in the WERK! I got to applying for jobs in the UK and Spain, most things that would atleast give me placement time of about 6-9months. After speaking to a dept in Uni I was in floods and couldn’t accept a Gap year when this was supposed to be a fabulous work experience year. Thankfully a church lady called and helped me to push more. Gotta love my church!

Not the best but one of the few pics while home
Not the best but one of the few pics while home. Trying to reduce using Google pics

I think Monday was the last day I cried about it all and I had to be positive. Tuesday I did some normal work, more applying and agreed to a Skype meeting for Spain. Wednesday I sent in the charity work I did as the hustle never stops and went to see Thor 2 in Imax! It was incredible since the movie had me reaching for my heart quite a bit at the surprise turn of events and fake bits to dupe the bad guys. Wow, Marvel WOW! Stan Less is THAT guy *air hi 5 to ya*.

Imax glasses at Cineworld
Imax glasses at Cineworld

When a Cineworld staff member suggests a movie in Imax and their Bajan you must trust them. I thought I would have regretted it but boy the depth and sound is really worth the extra £4.90 on top of the Orange Wednesday 2 for 1! Haha, being a student doesn’t stop and saving is always paramount in life.

I digress… But Thor is so HOTTTTTT, went into full groupy mode.

That faithful night I had the interview for the school and was accepted onto the programme where I sit a postgrad (yes I said postgrad) and work too. Did a little praise break and shout as you do. Went into uni the following day like a BAWSSSEE (Rick Ross voice) and explained everything that happened, spoke about grants etc and was commended for getting up from a bad situation and finding something great to do and not waste a year of life. *breathes on nails and wipes on shoulder*

If at first you don’t succeed, cry quickly, get over the hurt and personal demons, get your ass into gear and get yourself back up. Fall down 7 times, get back up 8! <This song fits

My dearest friends, avid (or casual) readers I thank you for following my journey and hoping the best for me. I had a lot of friends offer support when I was back on my 10 day trip, as I called it. I really learned to be grateful for friends, family and opportunities. I may adjust my life plans slightly for my career as I still can. As much as I dislike crying, I understand that I had to go through some difficult things and as a girl you cry over it but you step back to assess it all and work out your plan of attack. It’s like when you’re 6/7 years old and cutting the chicken thigh is hard and frustrating and no one helps because you have to learn. So you put the knife and fork down and plan what to do. Some would leave it or only cut for the little bits, others might pick it up and just bite into it and there’s a few that know at that age to place the cutlery in certain areas to get your chicken with minimal mess.

A chicken analogy I know. I need to get some chicken tomorrow before they try feed me another octopus. I won’t be trying that till the end if at all!



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