Mind your words

There is power in the tongue. I was in service for the last Sunday of the year and Bishop mentioned that when he was young he was told that he would go to hell (because he was left handed), wouldn’t amount to anything and wouldn’t have kids. My bishop has a bunch of biological kids … More Mind your words

Show me the ma-honey

Pay day came and it was a joyous moment! *shouts* Hallelooooooooyah Thank ya JESUS Praise Hosannah Lord. *that black people breathy preaching over the mic* You are. My rock and comforter. MY lily of the valley. My bright h’an morning star! You are the lion of Judah, Hey! Can I get a Ribiibibibibinaonmk.. *rolls on the … More Show me the ma-honey

Current drift

A raft drifting out to sea. The waves beating against the side. Sun setting in the distance. Deep orange, pinks and blues around. Waiting, wading in the water. The thought of being near. Hopes to walk on dry ground With an image of life so clear. This is me, currently on a raft in Galicia … More Current drift