Current drift

A raft drifting out to sea.

The waves beating against the side.

Sun setting in the distance.

Deep orange, pinks and blues around.

Waiting, wading in the water.

The thought of being near.

Hopes to walk on dry ground

With an image of life so clear.

This is me, currently on a raft in Galicia trying to wrap my head around a postgraduate degree in education yet I haven’t finished my undergrad. The many blessings of the Lord, I’ll leave with a certificate sadly but the challenge sets me up for 3rd year and further study. I feel like I haven’t written in a while. My mind has been busy, planning time to work and create tasks for my 3-5 year old after school english class. The bugger picking group are cute and I think I have the reins on it since lesson 2.

I am not a poet. I write lyrics. I haven’t written in what feels like a month so let’s just take that bit of poetry as my bit of writing for my 1st 2 and a half weeks in a freezing cold village in Galicia. Oh and Happy December, I feel the Christmas love.

Other than the 8 hours of sleep in my 24 hour day, the next 12 hours of the day I am cold. I left my warm house in ‘sunny’ England for this: to pay bills, be independent, manage life, cook for myself, teach kids and study. Yeah I came to do that and to do it successfully. This is my new challenge and I am facing it head on, no English church near but I still have me my Jesus.

A short scripture I found last year says ‘pray fervently’. That I have done, I certainly have.

As I wait to rest up to shore soon.

I dream of warm days and chicken.

The cold will soon pass, my trembles too.

The challenge will be over and the old me too.

In 7 months I’ll be home with a newness.

A different mindset and attitude.

I look forward to meeting me then,

No longer drifting, just sure of my shore.



6 thoughts on “Current drift

      1. Agreed.
        No I’ve never. I’m extremely shy about sharing them, being judged etc. I love just writing (blog) in general so I do it all the time. But music, only a handful of ppl have seen & heard. Uhen u write u kinda have to sing so ppl get the drift but singing especially in public (more than 2 ppl) isn’t my area either lol

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