Pep in the Christmas step!

The Christmas season is alive and cheery where I am!

I have not had such a warmth for Christmas from an educational institution in a long time. It was nothing to do with the thought of gifts just food and family! We had decorations in school, Christmas card competitions and a Christmas festival to end off the term which they’ve been practicing for for weeks.

I thoroughly have enjoyed my mere 5 weeks in Galicia and this little town. The next term has a few more challenges with work and the course but we’ll get to it next year!

The Christmas festival was so fun and the students were so cute. The little ones were dressed in coordination with those metallic shimmer pom pom things and accessories, my olders were full of energy to dance and sing. Aah it was so fun to watch, I felt like a parent with the other parents 🙂

This Christmas I value my family even more and have been on a grateful journey for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. I’ve had so much more to smile about and so many memories this year to thank God for. 2013 has been fun, full of growth and new food.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, don’t make resolutions on the 1st (as you should have started changing from December 1st) and eat a lot of food.

Christmas has my fave f’s: friends, family and food!

Merry Christmas/Feliz navidad to all my readers and I pray for a purposeful year where you will realize your dreams and make every day count towards getting closer to it!

The Celler, Monforte de Lemos

Much love my reading bam,

Hmmkiki xx


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