Mind your words

There is power in the tongue.

I was in service for the last Sunday of the year and Bishop mentioned that when he was young he was told that he would go to hell (because he was left handed), wouldn’t amount to anything and wouldn’t have kids. My bishop has a bunch of biological kids and adopted kids, I doubt being a lefty gives anyone a one way ticket to hell and he’s a bishop so he has become more than what was expected. Hi 5 Bish! People back in the day were really deluded :-S

We have to be careful of what we say to people.

For a lot of years i was “too tall” and felt that I was. I tried to hide in the background a lot. Now I’m 5 ft 7 and want 2 more inches and I would crave even more to be a model, maybe i would actually do something about it. But anyway that’s a pretty dream. Along with my height I was always dissuaded from showing my legs. I have long legs that i love but have always hid because dresses for the average lady are short on me and make my legs appear longer.
Now I’m 21, I realise that so many outfit choices are to hide my legs and when I show them I’m conscience someone will see that and think I’m some type of person because my legs are outta door, I don’t know. But when I think of my body, I always think my long legs are my best feature. Yet I still hide. I pick up a nice dress and check the length and think no my legs are long it makes it look too much shorter i can’t wear it. Such a simple statement repeated to me growing up still affects me. I think about my appearance and tug on dresses and skirts when I wear anything above the knee which means my confidence and self esteem wavers often.

I have long legs and I’m slowly breaking out of the ‘this is nice and not too short and your legs make it look shorter’ mindset. I’m a church girl, through and through. My DNA has church engraved in the coding and I care that I look appropriate. But as 2014 comes and I’m living in a more positive light, I will look appropriate for me and positively show these bad boys off *strokes legs through jeans* while telling you where to go- the altar because eyes shouldn’t wander unless there’s a compliment after the wandering!

Let us be mindful of words and telling young people things. I get that people wanted to ensure I was modest and didn’t become a woman of the night. You gotta be more specific and say ‘your legs are gorgeous, just don’t bend over and always carry yourself as a lady’ then pat the childs head and be an example of a lady with your skirt!

Same as natural hair. Black girls with natural hair your hair is beautiful and just needs managing. Your hair that grows out of your head is not bad hair, it’s some good-firecracker-light-up-my-universe type a BEaUty. But talking about natural hair is another blog post for the future.


With that, let me love up on my legs and curls and you have yourself a Happy New Year!


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