Kafuffle drinking

Why do we need to drink and get drunk?

So I did it again where, it was just bad to the point that the next day I firmly said “I’m not drinking again!”. To think about the things that I let slide when I was under the influence is what made me really realise how stupid being waved/smashed/high/drunk is. I’m not saying I won’t do it again but I am having a full on thought process to challenge myself to only have my next one drink at weddings (it’s only a small champs glass).

Watch a few line of thoughts with this discretionary note that it was not that black out bad but knowing the potential of how bad it could have been is enough:

Being drunk is a waste of the next day because I can’t do anything, which means I fall behind on things I want to do. If I live with my parents that’s too much masking or being told off to go through; If I live with someone that’s too many waiting on them to get out the bathroom moments to endure and; if I live alone who knows what could happen to me all comatose and dehydrated! I can’t eat because I throw up perfectly good food that took epic amounts of brain power to make, if I throw up I better have made it to the toilet bowl or a bucket! However, when I am drinking it’s pretty good tasting drinks, in Spain they taste good and have lovely effects in 20 minutes. But the things I do and the loss of self is not good, some people are crazy, others like me laugh too much, some people talk forever and others are aggressive/emotional (two extremes). Yet saying that, it’s pretty good to release and not analyse everything before you do it. I understand the need to escape and the love of that head space when you are high and happy with the people around and the fun in the air. I can’t get over the loss of self and blind inhibitions as you could; go off and be a more daring person who kisses new people, leave with strange people, drive drunk or being a passenger to an intoxicated male (!!), take drugs, fall over and twist an ankle or ruin good clothes (both would be catastrophic), not see yours or a friends drink being spiked, get kicked out of the joint and more! I see it enough when I go out that I question my going out little by little…

This is some of my over the top conversation with myself and other professionals, talking abut me and others while doing a SWOT analysis. My friend does this YOLO thing, that we usually happily partake of ‘you only live once’ but you have one life to live vibe. So I’ll continue my grand world adventures and shenanigans that I get up to but definitely all will be done in the right frame of mind. Usually they are.


Have a great week as I catch up on a full day of missed studying :-/



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