This little girl flew into the door

As the title says, a little girl flew into the classroom door this week.

I was turning back around to look at the door and boom she was running so fast she didn’t have time to think, LOL. I had to turn away and laugh because I didn’t understand how she didn’t see it. Then days later (today) I realise it’s probably one of them ones when you run fast and lift your leg to stop and quickly pivot turn to buss the corner, but she was 7 so her body still hadn’t learned to control the momentum hence the BANG!


I’m not sadistic but this week the children have done some foolishness that somehow makes sense in their little world. Which led me to think about the foolishness we do that make sense in our world, friend’s world, family’s world, physical world (society), spiritual world and God’s world. When pondering in bed this morning because I was angry I recalled the few minutes this event lasted and immediately put it this way… I’m the little girl that runs to things and expects to be able to control it all when sometimes I can’t. I fall, stumble, bang and my trajectory is just off. The door is open for me and it’s wide, my skinny self should fit but if I’m not careful I’ll fly into it and have to face another lesson instead of walking through the door like normal people do. God’s opened doors for me, I already did the asking, knocking and that other thing (Bible) yet I’m not careful and obedient so my farceness goes and bangs into a door, falls, cries, and looks into the teachers eyes for help. When if I was sensible I could have walked in through that door, strolling in my blue Nike Air Pegasus 30 (I’m in love with the comfort of these shoes) and taken a seat or retrieved my belongings like my kid was trying to do. Even writing this, I think of the stupidness I do and have to humble myself before God. We’re human and make mistakes, we’re not perfect but we’re perfect in Him.

On that note, thank you to the fire church lady that gave me advice a few weeks back when I needed and another who allowed me to write an email with my feelings and since then I’ve heard no response from her but internally I’ve been responding to myself. Thank you.



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