I’m being watched

I’m being watched, stalked, followed, spied on O_o

I was messaging my friends today about the apparent elephant in the room. The children at school have a thing for watching me when I eat to see how I do it. I’m already looked at and stared at in public so in school is an added eye that I don’t like, plus FOR FOOD! A few weeks ago, a child kept counting aloud how many slices of pizza I was eating. Kmt, the heffa. Then the teacher told me to tell them to stop when it’s enough as they shared my food. They poured a child amount, and looked at me, and I looked back thinking did I tell you to stop? They continued in shock and I stopped them because I was getting self conscious. I love food and I don’t like being watched in my happy time.

Yet as my friend pointed out because of the weight movement (movement is different to management) I’m doing, it’s a good thing as it keeps my portions in check. They’re right tbh -_- I’m running, still squating, doing gym classes, drinking green tea and controlling portion sizes. Fair enough school is a reminder, but without my food control mindset it can be daunting being eyed up when you’re sharing your food or eating or going for 2nd’s (usually for me it’s 3rd’s).

Food is my boo, but this boo needs to keep its claws back and reduce it’s temptation. Food is to me what women in lingerie is to men.

Imagehahahaha xx


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