Things I miss

I miss waking up in my double bed,

I miss home cooked, loving meals that are made for sharing with the family,

I miss the safety and assurance of my home,

I miss waking up and knowing what is next-the known structure of my day,

I miss not paying bills,

I miss hugs from my mom, my brother shouting out to me and dad telling me some random thing about the world,

I miss true love

I miss my friends who I’ve shared countless laughter, tears, moments, highs and lows with,

I miss the quiet jokes that are seen but not spoken about,

I miss Sunday 10:50am church walk ins when the music is Iive and I’m late but have stepped in,

I miss church twitter, being present in service and on twitter is so good,

I miss random nandos conversations and plots to get us to nandos and back for our usual order (1/2 chicken with 2 sides, 10 hot wings with 2 sides and 2-4 carrot cakes for 2 people),

I miss talking about time, then either being waited on or being the waiter,

I miss my browning and my sweetie pie,

I miss driving fast and being chauffeured,

I miss just calling you and seeing what you’re up to.

These are some of the things I miss from the UK in 10 minutes of writing



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