Read to learn


Have you ever read a good book that has you all involved emotionally, almost physically, spiritually, near enough changing your ideals briefly and very much infatuated that you can’t put the book down?

If not, please go and read some type of stimulating book- whether mentally or…

A quick example is that I’ve started reading Lolita, which all though it’s eerie when you’re reading it you’re in the Humberburg’s mind of crazy love for a 12 year old when he’s almost quadruple her age! I was slightly disturbed but how it’s written makes you appreciate the writing  because the description is good yet of a child from an old man’s fondling eyes? :-/ Anywho, this book brought me to another story, based on romanticism which I guess is the same to a lot of love, sex, fantasy books to be honest.

Reading has gotten so much more fun and even writing. Reading about satiable, sultry experiences will make you feel a way but sometimes you just can’t put the book down and you read it slowly but fast and look forward to the next released chapter or book! While you read, you’re visualizing everything, the colors, smells, sounds, feels, you add in more or take some out just to match up to your perfect movie being reeled off from words in the projection of the mind! I sat questioning my morals this week like Wow, Kirah this stuff you should be mindful of engaging in but still lead to a healthy conversation with myself abut wagwarn with my current life and prep for future life.

I love the internet, I love the platforms of sharing and information there is! But the book I’ve been on makes me think of Miguel’s Adorn you, how many drinks, don’t look back and simplethings (from his Kaleidoscope album and the latter from Girls soundtrack). Don’t you just love when you find music that becomes a book soundtrack?!

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh I’m more of a book person now than ever lol. Reading in free time and writing are simple pleasures accompanying me while sitting in Spain eating tapas and wine.

Go from classics and work your way up. Thankfully I have a literary genius nearby who can recommend me more books! 🙂

Hasta luego xx

Good day and good reading!


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