You cannot be held…

You cannot be held responsible for the actions of others!

I have been saying this a little bit more frequently because blame shifting has soared and I am not getting involved when I have no part in instigating or coordinating the reigns on anything.

Once you’re over 18, your actions are YOUR actions. They belong to you. you probably play a part in things but if you didn’t start bad stuff don’t claim it as the leader of the Bad club society. This is not me shifting, this is seeing it trying to be put to me that I am said leader when I and I is chilling in a white frock playing on a swing in a lush green garden with hotness all around. Ok?

It’s like a WHILE ago, I was projecting. I got drunk in the company of others who I think did tell me to be careful and were somewhat being an example and I couldn’t be bothered to listen because I think I was upset or something. I then had to nurse myself back to life. I thought it was there fault for not being responsible, however it was my fault for being irresponsible of my own actions as they were just near me and did actually warn me. I realise a lot when I’m about to engage in something good, bad or down right secretive that I have folk that warn me with pros and cons, hence I have mainly stuck to taking ownership for MY OWN actions. I also don’t take responsibility for others actions when they’re over 18.

If your opinion is different, such is life.

I can not be blamed for the actions of others.

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