Cried for help

I was listening to Rihanna’s “What Now?” (Apologetic, 2013), which by the way is a good song. Quick, catchy writing that I should’ve thought of, mehhhh.

I was listening and reading the lyrics thinking this is really good and it makes so much sense! Music can explain your life only when you’re in a specific position it will speak to you like it’s you talking to you, a mirror.

I’m not trying to psychoanalyze my girl, she’s making $M’s and God bless her.

I called this “cried for help”, instead of “cry for help” simply because:

1) We don’t often notice people’s cries for help when they’re suffering and asking for others through their actions. Not everyone can read people so it’s kind of understandable but when people are OFF you should really turn ON and send a gesture of friendship it’s then up to them to open up. I’m sure the crier won’t but as a friend let’s just cover the bases.

2) Subconsciously the crier doesn’t realize they want help or are going through turmoil til after. Hence they recognize they have cried and maybe others tried to check on them and they dismissed because they didn’t truly own up to themself.

Mmm, that’s all.

I’ve also seen that some people will reach out for help, you notice things (social media, someone’s name cropping up in conversation, messages etc) but we don’t give them help or it’s not  adequate help. That’s been me, where I only know so much and can only say or do what I know which wouldn’t be enough. Then I pray and leave them up to God. I have no sound remedy or theory, this topic just flashed up and I wanted to notice it and say a few hundred words to make you think.

Cool xx

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