I need to use bigger or more technical words

I’ve been doing some reading and reflecting with lots of walking and planning. I love planning, things need order. I create my world’s order.

Thank you to all the new followers and post likers, I’m trying to read your stuff and comment in this global blog community.

This isn’t anything serious, just a mix of emotions I encounter or see and bits of a story my friend told me (don’t be mad). I’m not a poet, hardly a songwriter- I just like to write 😛


I reread our messages when I think of you,

Subsiding my infatuation of you because you asked me too.

You’re occupied and I’m vacant,

This is wrong of us and we know it.

We play and you awaken my younger days which I miss.

21 and I feel old but you remind me that I’m a flower,

I’m about to blossom and you want that for me.

I can rekindle your love from her to me,

Positive projection.

Tame, calm and timid was a comfortable yesterday.

Manacles, you made me like them,

With tainted cheeks still tender of April thoughts,

Our minds connect yet my soul to mind is dissonant.

I want you yet I’m on the other side of the mirror.

Hot and cold because you asked me to.

-Pieces that’s disarrayed-



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