Smarter talks

Can we have more intellectual conversations please?

I’d like to meet and build with more people that encourage intellectual, spiritual or emotional growth. There has to be more to life than the casual talk. Engage my mind, look at the bigger picture, be opinionated or share advice with stories, wisdom and experience!

It’s starting to piss me off that too many people come and talk about sex or their shitty job or drugs and regrets. I get that these are important things in everyone’s lives just like the health of my hair is important to me (Go #teamnatural lol). But if all we do is talk about this in a vulgar, non changing, non creative or non productive way it becomes a waste of my intellectual space to be engrossed in it. I rarely probably write or post about higher level conversations on the internet but I do have them and I do love them. I dread the thought of coming back home to ordinary conversations which will probably happen unless I reach out of my comfort zone and make friends in law or any other difficult degree. Uni will be lonely if I don’t make an effort (le sigh), the disadvantages of taking a placement year instead of doing 3rd year with everyone else.

Anywho, just straddle my mind and bring it to life once or briefly through out our simple yet long conversations. I don’t need to be worn out, I just want to talk about something bigger than us and our daily boring life (teaching in a non helpful manner, kids, studying). I too will in turn hump some brain cells back into operation- I mean jump start! Yeah, that’ll do ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Productive Monday!


8 thoughts on “Smarter talks

  1. I was just about to tweet about this i’m extremely tired of men and women just blatantly exposing themselves on the Internet and encouraging kids to smoke and drink their life away. Great post.

    1. Mmm I think sometimes we forget who is in the audience. Like on my ig or fb I often forget I have adolescents on there so if I’m talking about grown issues they may b exposed to it too soon. But I understand what ur saying esp with substances we should live a healthy life and encourage that!

  2. I am right there with you and would love to engage in more heartfelt and intellectual conversations in life and on the web. I’m trying to steer my infantile blog in that direction. Maybe you’ll see something you’d like to discuss (

    As I get older I always think back to one of my favorite quotes…

    “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    1. Infantile, I like that term. I’ve been here for about 3 years, so u’ll enjoy blogging/journalling too. I will read some more of your posts and comment!
      I haven’t heard that quote in a while but yes I love it!

  3. It would appear as if I have just doubled the number of “likes” this post has received, mathematically speaking. This, perhaps, was not what you were hoping for in an intellectual discussion, but at least it’s a start. };-)>

    1. Haha, why thank you. I just wanted to express what everyday conversations seem to revolve around and encourage people to talk about more topics that will improve or challenge something in you!

      1. Well, I fear I do the occasional post where I argue against feminism’s purporting to be a social movement predicated upon equality and genuine justice. Always civil, though. I agree with your thought to encourage more substantial dialogue in blogging. Good for you. I have the first of two controversial books coming out shortly, and I am trying to provoke critical thought on the true nature of feminism.

        In other words, how to be really, really popular. (Or not.)


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