About 8 weeks to the finish line

I want to fly home for April even if just for a weekend. I just want a bit of normality from all the challenges socially, personally, spiritually, emotionally, physically and at school. I don’t want to be ‘bullied’ or made to feel bad about my lack of speaking in Spanish. I don’t want to be pushed so far by people I don’t like and would love to see fall off a cliff. I just want a moment in my bed at home where everything is clear and familiar.
I love beds and the comfort of it all, it’s a happy place for me. Especially my bed, double with memory foam and wooden frame- Yes Lord!
I will stay though, I’m just having a few more freak out moments than usual and it takes a little bit of time to calm down when you get 6/wk instead of the usual 1.7.
It’s the being out of the box part that gives my flight reflex the want to return inside the box for the sense of stability and safety that’s there. But I need to become a stronger person so I’ll keep on going on and try to have a calmer more positive 8 weeks. I have thoroughly enjoyed it all- the good, the bad and the illegal! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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