Remember seeing plants and trees with stilts and or a form of rope around it to help hold it and help with it’s growth?

We do this to people and in relationships. We use a stick to help hold and allow someone to grow, we even tie ourselves around them depending on how fragile they are. Not all relationships are like this but some I’ve see and flashed back to are like this. It could be the woman being the stilt controller and wanting to help her man all the way and with everything, to support and hold his hand the whole way. But this shouldn’t be a forever occurrence, at some point you have to trust they’ve had enough support to slowly loosen up and release them to grow.

You could take it two ways in terms of being so wrapped around them that they grow strong, stiff and even possibly bent instead of straight up to shoot in a straight line. Or that you have to let go from people and be on the side to let them grow and continue with their journey as a pair. Or that you eventually have to let people go when you keep supporting them and they’re pulling on you and holding you down so much that you’re tired and turning black and weakening from their weight. This last one here is stunting growth and messing with you (e.g. the woman), let em go and go elsewhere to plant. But this time go grow a better plant where they can stand on their own and yo can just water them and bring sunshine in their world to keep them and the pair of you (the relationship) healthy.

Bit random and probably my least successful senseful analogy on a topic I shouldn’t even cover. Oh well, happy weekend xx

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