Anonymous blogging

Maybe someone could help me or direct me to a lively popping anonymous blog site because a simple Google search doesn’t bring me to somewhere adequate or up to date.

I have some opinions to share and I genuinely will not put them on this WP. If anyone has any ideas or if any of my followers have a second account for anonymous blogging I have a few ideas I could speed type over to you in almost perfect coherence that’d make your socks drop.

Masquerade mask

Why would I want to write anonymously? It’s simply because of the ‘Christian’ handle I carry that I don’t want to offend my peers as some of my thoughts are very radical and aren’t in the strictest sense in line with the Word. I want a floor I could submit pieces without having to sensor it or create a lesson out of it where there is hope or a happy ending. I’m sure in a few years I wouldn’t want anonymity but at 21 with a level of maturity that some people think I’m 25, that 4 year difference is experience or wisdom in certain aspects of life that I want to share. You could say what I have to say could help whoever believes in me enough to see me as a role model but honestly I’m not that comfortable to have someone I see daily or monthly know about my words or how those words came to being. Ya feel me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would create one but then I’d need some huge response for it and then I’d maintain and proof read people’s submissions.

Happy Friday xx


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