Sometimes I like people

You ever met someone that made you question your morals and the universe? The truth and honesty they speak about gets to you and makes you want more so then you try pepper instead of salt on your chips or an Adidas sports bra over a Nike one. What they say makes sense and you want to feel that sense. You get a little peckish from their taste buds and it’s fundamentally different to you- all of what makes you you. But you step away from what you have constructed to be you. It’s freeing, it’s spacious and unconfined. Freedom is false, there are still rules to follow and a moral compass that pulls you.
Regardless that person or people can affect you to test your truths (which is a good exercise) and grow up a little or a lot depending on how open you are.
Anywho I just felt like describing a world shaker. Happy Easter! Semana Santa!


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