My little introvertedness

It’s after 11pm
I actually dislike clubbing and partying. I’m an introvert. But dancing about without alcohol (ie like what my kids expect me to do at my school disco is not something I enjoy). 1- I wouldn’t dance with my students present (yes it’s harmless but I can’t) 2- I use my waist and prefer that music 3- I need alcohol to feel comfortable with having eyes on me. However I do love loud music when I don’t have a headache and I need that music to be leveled well because sometimes the sound is off and I’m like naah in church they wudda fixed it up quick!
Thinking of Church in a club or party ayyye? I’m too church’d! Lol.
Hence the last dozen times I’ve been out I’ve had min. of 1 drink, decided to go because we were bored, and have been with fun friends where half the night we’re laughing! It’s for the jokes tbh unless the music line up is sick then only water will do, but how often does that happen? Lemme answer that, twice in 4 yrs. I’m an introvert.
Anywho I saw my kid holding the girls waist for “sexy and I know it” and I just stood in shock cuz boii sah they was moving like a slow jam for such a pop jump song. I didn’t know what to do with my teacher hat so I let a student turn me around n jump with em lol! Then the headache increased 10 fold, that was also the only dance for the night.
Learning and watching xx


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