I don’t do relationships

It’s not very Easter, Pascua, semana santa ish no!
I’ll get to the title in a minute.
When I was younger I saw friends in relationships even those school ones and I engaged in it for an extremely short time (one guy that pops to mind is still hot and has the most gorgeous baby now). I wasn’t a follower and I didn’t really do the relationship thing. But what I always saw was heartbreak and problems and drama aswell as the good stuff. The end was often a bad end, at 14-16 what can you expect? What I saw and heard from friends wasn’t appealing and along with constant education pressures I didn’t bother with them. In college time I gave my time to a few but didn’t do relationships because education was 1st and males can wait (or not). Through those 3 long years (the last yr and a half was depressing uggh) I saw constant pain and few had it really set good. Or maybe my friends just weren’t great at relationshipping at the time and the opposite sex were not meant for em, I dunno. From all that I thought I’d always know what I wanted and didn’t want when the time came. When time came I recognised that I really didn’t want to waste my time for it to end badly. I saw the beginning being sweet and the end being bad and ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!

That last sentence translates as, “and no one has time for that”.

For me at this tender blossoming age of 22, it’s refreshing to see why I don’t do relationships. I mean I can’t tell young girls hush and don’t share your drama because you need to (release and therapeutic reasons), but as the listener of this you have to mind how your views on relationships will be. Even now I’m changing the end visionary phase to a question of will this last or not. Not to be bad mind or judgemental but if I don’t have that gut reaction to do this and give it my all, I won’t waste my time. I have university, family, friends and travelling to do. You need to be special for me to fit you in and adjust my plans. That’s not to say I don’t recognise your importance as a man who is mine. But if you’re not going to be a solid fixture in my itinerary I won’t entertain any emotional connections. Everything comes down to time, which is quite frankly just too precious to waste. I’m not into flings so I can’t say I have time for a few random flings or dates- because I don’t.

Hence I don’t do relationships right now. I’d like to meet the one man that’d make me see life differently and place him in 1 of the top 4 priority slots in my life (food has it’s own platform). I haven’t noticed him yet but I’d like to see him soon. Singleness is cool but I travel and achieve and it’d be nice to share that with an awesome guy.

Happy Easter, Jesus died for you and me. He paid the ultimate price. His 30 something years were purposeful and He built daily. In my 2nd decade I’m building and you gotta be exceptional to even reach a sliver of the love Jesus shows to all of us.


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