As women we have a lot going on

Not going into depth of the female life and differences but I saw this image on Facebook from one of my fave guys > run by the awesome man that is Jeff Moore

From Everydaypowerblog FB page
From Everydaypowerblog FB page


< “Do not feel lonely the entire universe is inside you”

On my blog let’s change ‘universe’ to the belief that God is in and around you 🙂



As soon as I saw this due to some interesting curve balls I’ve ducked past I thought gheesh as a woman there literally is like a universe of life inside of you!

Haha I mean the eggs in the ovaries, we have the potential to create life (with help of course) and bring people into this world. It’s slightly an empowering thought and also a scary thought. Empowering because we have the power to, scary because we could not raise em good enough and they become a menace or raise them in a dying world and they have to deal with it’s madness. Hmm, either way there is the potential of life in us. We could have a Mozart, president, Nobel prize winner, chef (specifically a pastry chef for baking cakes and such foods), fantastic teachers and even a Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) sleeping in those tiny eggs! Dam, how we raise them corresponds to the change of a generation for the better or worse.

Mind boggling!

Have you read some of the mommy blogs? I follow a few because they’re adorable. I digress, women have a lot going on: figuring out life, fighting off vampires, strutting in heels, acting like a lady, making a home, getting an education that brings us to the boardroom plus there’s a chance of a sprout sprouting and totally changing life? Men don’t have that, a life growing inside that could alter there life. If you’re a committed dad then yes it could alter but you are slightly detached because you could leave, mom’s can to after the birth but how often do you hear of that?

Anywho who am I to speak on that and I’m not a mommy. Hmm, enjoy your Saturday as I wait for the water to get back on.

The universe is in you! 😉 xx


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