Little bit of a chimwag

Hey, how are you?

How has your week been?

What did you that was new or different or life changing?

Tell me?!

Genuinely tell me, I was about to write out my answers to this but thankfully I remembered I don’t have to write to myself as well as talk to myself! Pheeuw!

Well this week has been relaxing because it was a half week and even though about half of Monday and Tuesday was spent in bed I’m now trying to recover from the lack of bed loving Wed-Fri. Yet on the plus side due to all the extra hours I’ve been getting in I’m now nearer to the recommended 8 hour a night sleep that you should get, yipeeee!

I am really starting to face the fact that I have only 6 weeks left, 6 Sundays and I’ll be home and it feels bittersweet that’s the word that keeps cropping up when I think of it. I mean there are certain things I’m tired of and certain home comforts I could really do with but I don’t want to leave just yet :-/

Anywho I got to have a constructive conversation as an adult with a teacher like a peer review and I got to express myself in a civilized manner and share my thoughts on a class. You don’t know how good that felt! My bones were just tapping through my foot in joy, like yes the stress will be alleviated and I can be happier about school again. We also got back a previousteacher who is a pretty fun lady but that means the 2 teachers who were covering for her have left and it’s kind of sad because teachers just come and go and I never really know until I ask oh where is so and so? But the kids love them and are being looked after so somehow it is fine 🙂

Ha, in the last month of my inactive gym self I’ve had random smiles at old people for the simplest of things. First, I saw 2 old men recently (separate occasions) riding around happily on their bicycle and hat down the streets and smiling. Secondly, I saw an old couple where the man had to gently pull her by the arm to keep her out of harms way while she was chatting to their friend. Finally, a few nights ago an old couple were jumping in their car after midnight to go home and the old man started up the engine (it’s a 2 door car and smaller than a mini I couldn’t recognize the brand) and as he drove up (I think it’s capped at 40mph) someone overtook but he was still content to be with his wife and drive home safely. Sometimes the oldest and youngest people bring me so much joy. Their views on life and the world is very different and to see them and their bright aura is wonderful.

That’s it.

Happy Weekend you wonderful folk of the blogosphere and speak to you soon! xx


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