Do they hold you?

When people around you don’t acknowledge your achievements it makes you wonder why you work so hard and for whom? Am I basing myself on achievements that are expected or surprising for me? Is that how I validate myself? Do I really rely on others to tell me well done? Is a piece of paper … More Do they hold you?

As a female

You have to realise the power you hold; Embrace your confidence, your strengths, your shape, your height; Get to know your weaknesses; Tell yourself who you want to become and become her; Know who you are inside and know what you want to exude to the world. As Dr. Maya Angelou passed today I saw … More As a female

Self talk

I had the loveliest message today and I haven’t had amazing or emosh ones in a while. I feel deeply appreciated when a friend takes the time to tell me that all the travel and pushing for what I want and supporting them means a lot to them. I love everyone but only deeply love … More Self talk


There’s a quote that says to not let hate and anger eat you up, it’s a sickness, you shouldn’t entertain it and let it pollute your body. <- Well I fell into it by accident. A dear friend that hurt me deeply, we spent lots of time together that were filled with laughter, trust and … More Strength

I remember

I taste your lips on mine, months later and you’re still tangible. Everything of how you touched me with and without touching, the size, the motion. I remember it all it’s not a distant memory, it’s always the last thing I think about at night. Those nights are what I want to relive every night, … More I remember