I remember

I taste your lips on mine, months later and you’re still tangible.

Everything of how you touched me with and without touching, the size, the motion.

I remember it all it’s not a distant memory, it’s always the last thing I think about at night.

Those nights are what I want to relive every night, but you’re gone.

No longer here, and the faint scents that are you, I crave of when I sense it drifting in the air.

Rub my tongue on the palette of my mouth enough and I feel you, your kiss.

Skin to skin, thigh to thigh, eye to eye- I wish I could sometimes for just a moment.

But this is just today, soon I’ll leave you behind like you left me, discarded and forgotten.


Been thinking about how one feels when a loved one goes (dies, excommunicated or amicable end of relationship and just a sore missing moment), a small attempt of something. I’ll be back at it later.

Thoughts? xx


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