Self talk

I had the loveliest message today and I haven’t had amazing or emosh ones in a while.

I feel deeply appreciated when a friend takes the time to tell me that all the travel and pushing for what I want and supporting them means a lot to them. I love everyone but only deeply love a dozen or so friends (people I call regularly).

In this showing of appreciation I was walking and thanking God for allowing me the opportunities to shine and grow, also for allowing my mom to push me and help make a way for me to do these awesome things. I also got to my self talk speech that started off like this:

It’s good to do things and shine your light as people will notice. I’m happy I can do things that are unconventional that will raise a few heartbeats to allow someone to try something similar or be catapulted into doing something they’ve always wanted to do. I’ve become more about experiences and learning about me and this Spanish ‘year’ has been wonderful. I stopped considering myself a role model a few years back even though some of the great things I do I want others to try too. However people can get too caught up on the wonderful things I share and forget that not everything that glitters is gold. Everyone has one or a hundred flaws/struggles they deal with but not everyone flaunts it. Some things I’ve done or do are not great at all and I wouldn’t share what I’ve done in the dark. Yes it will come to light but I’m not bringing it to the light until I’ve learned from it and have found a way to overcome and solve it. Sure others will find out and talk and your ‘image’ will be slightly tainted but I’m not building an image, I am me. I have genius strides and still do dumb shit. I learn from it and share it later. Please don’t put me on a pedestal ever, just hold me at the back of your mind and pick the characteristics that you love about me that you would want to mirror in yourself. For example, get up and go- move country, dye your hair, learn a new skill, etc.

Anywho this is a variation of my self talk. I often speak to myself in the different 1st, 2nd and 3rd persons. I catch up with myself to know where my head is at. Super happy after that message though, thanks for getting me high famm!! xx


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