anger posionThere’s a quote that says to not let hate and anger eat you up, it’s a sickness, you shouldn’t entertain it and let it pollute your body.


Well I fell into it by accident. A dear friend that hurt me deeply, we spent lots of time together that were filled with laughter, trust and pure madness. Nothing about our friendship was normal but it was hella fun. I think when I have new friends I’ll ask them to sign a waiver that we’d never get too far that we would hurt each other with our words from the depths of our souls that we may have shared together.

I haven’t ‘hated’ since secondary school, 6 years later I can say I’ve been pretty successful forgiving people and not.letting any bad vibes fester. I can agree to disagree and I can agree to respect you and steer away from you.

Anywho tonight I almost cried over what this friend did. Then I realised I was the one who chose to let this friendship stay, I chose to share information and build on this relationship as you normally do with friends. But woe is me ad here I am over it and fighting against anger and hate. You should reserve your purest honesty and truth for only a select few that have proven to stand with you as the waves have tormented and battered you.

I’ll fight strength in a bit and turn the hate and anger onto a learning curve. You live and learn for what it is you want and love. I’m learning and I need to wash you away and cleanse myself of you. You’re fab but flawed. I couldn’t talk badly about you and I couldn’t let people speak negatively about you in my presence. No, I’m not inna that I’ll explain a friend’s side to show others ways to think differently because my people’s are good peoples usually.

You have a whole post ayee? I’m upset that I have to lose friends along this journey of life. I don’t like wasted investments. It’s like buying Nandos chicken (investment) and it tasting mediocre like a 10 y/o came through and played chef for Father-son day. Haha, like Nandos has ever served up such poppy fart, but you get the drift!

I won’t cry over broken friendships. I pray the best for you and I wish you well. In a way one of our last convos was like a goodbye, analysing everything we had been through individually and how we helped each other. Which reminds me I need to start analysing everyone else and appreciating those that have even said ‘Good morning’ to me and ended convo. A little morning thought is wonderful and maybe your spirit wanted to speak to me and say have a good morning and send me about my good day 🙂



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