8 teaching days left

I’m leaving soon.

I’m semi sad to leave country where I gave so much of myself and received so much. I learned a lot and I take a lot with me figuratively and literally (I’m sending a suitcase home before me). I’m also leaving a part of me here in the lives of the students and those I’ve enriched through fun interaction whether in English or Spanish or a mix.

My aim has been to improve the children’s level of English and I also hope they have learned to love English so they can travel in the future and experience other cultures whether in English or French or Swahili or whatever!

To be able to up and move at 21 was fun and that example I hope they can use for the future and just do the big things they want to do. Faith and jump.

Let me hold down the emotions and finish my 2 assignments before I leave haha.

I love Spain ❤



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