Do they hold you?

When people around you don’t acknowledge your achievements it makes you wonder why you work so hard and for whom?
Am I basing myself on achievements that are expected or surprising for me? Is that how I validate myself? Do I really rely on others to tell me well done? Is a piece of paper all my life is worth? Is what paper says or it’s value all that I’m seen as, is this my entirety?
Most of these I can say yes and I’m slowly turning them to no’s.

I’m falling more in love with this quote and wanting it to be me (pic below)

Thank you Mrs Monique Thompson (singer, speaker and lyricist WAWN).

Spain, I thank you xx


2 thoughts on “Do they hold you?

    1. Yesss. Same sentiments! I look for the usual to pat me on my back and i don’t and it feels like I’ve not done enough. But I’m breaking that habit and really trying to ‘love the life you live’. Thanks i just read it and was perfect!

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