I was sat with a cup of ice and thought about society, work, future career, countries, money, economy and similar strings. What do I want to do for the rest of my life? What will make me endlessly happy once it gave me enjoyment and covered my bills? I have so many choices and I … More Future

Your confidence

Thanks to the help of a few people in Spain I’ve learned to be more confident in myself by loving all of me which has led to me wanting to keep living out of the box. Your confidence can affect someone else’s. When you say you can and you do that which you said- whether … More Your confidence

Happy Hippieness

Woke up utterly happy and grateful. Jumped out of bed as soon as i was up as for the past 2 weeks I’ve been waking between 6 & 8am and then the act of falling back to sleep has been mythical. I started my day with my NT CD and played Ephesians and Colossians while I … More Happy Hippieness


I see your words or the pictures with your handwriting or the messages on electronic formats and the plump lips you love to curl. Reading them, I read it like you. I know you too well, your paces, your faces, your sound, the vibrato, the feel in the ground when I’m on the chair with one … More Haunted


I write a lot to breathe for a moment out of time. I learned to be super nice, 8 months ago my character wasn’t like this. So coming back home and not feeling that niceness shocks me. It happened this week with customer service. The old me would not have seen it badly but now, I … More Adjusting


It’s my 22nd birthday and I’ve been writing this for a week. Happy birthday to me 🙂 Most of my 21st year I’ve lived in Spain and away from everything comfortable and familiar to me. These are 21 things I’ve learned in no particular order: 1- Jesus or the universe needs to be your best … More 21lessons