It’s my 22nd birthday and I’ve been writing this for a week. Happy birthday to me 🙂
Most of my 21st year I’ve lived in Spain and away from everything comfortable and familiar to me. These are 21 things I’ve learned in no particular order:
1- Jesus or the universe needs to be your best friend. He’s the only one with the greatest love for you and He will never fail you. Your physical bff will come close but they can’t do what He can.
2- Be positive in every situation. Laugh at yourself and seek the good in all things.
3- You don’t know it all and friends/mentors with a decade or more on you are invaluable. I’ve reached out more to older friends than my circle to get wisdom and advice in a lot of matters. These are people I could trust to know my bank details!
4- Health is wealth. You’re not getting younger. That extra 20 mins walk and run a week with a smaller portion and/or cake slice rejection will do good for your body. ← I’m working on the cake thing.
5- Common knowledge isn’t common and common sense isn’t common (<- the latter thanks to Miss Liz M.)

6-Everyday of your life you are responsible for what you say and do but also what you don’t say or do. Don’t have regrets, be in control to not see things as regrets

7- Injustice is real, show them you can rise above and be better than what anyone could imagine you to be.

8- Be you. Stop entertaining the notion of being someone else and start seeing yourself as wonderfully different.

9- On buying airline tickets, when the price starts to rise by the second search you pay for that bad boy. I learned this the hard way, 6 months prior to flight date it was 75, 4 months, 120, 2 months at 300 and I bought it then instead of the 1st time when I kept saying this weekend, lol. Mom just told me to hush and pay because it was my fault.

10- Never lose hope in the world and people around you. I met a friend who loves meeting people and instantly wanting to know more about their lives and questioning their reasons behind it. I was kinda ‘wow slow you’re role!’ when she first did it but she genuinely cared and I saw that this way it adds depths to friendships. My Spanish friends are all different and have widened my mind as we never talk about what I would talk about at home in my 21 friendship bubble. We talk about bigger things, global things, concepts, ideas, beliefs, 99 pots of weed, books/literature, backpacking and more!

11- Seize opportunities that will challenge you, throw you, give to you, keep you up at night, cause you to buy better boxing gloves and probably make you bleed in someway. In the end it should probably make you happy you endured such a thing.

12- Be passionate and love the life you live. I have a background on my phone that says ‘love the life you live’ and every time I open my phone I subconsciously smile because I’m instructing myself subliminally that in all I do I need to be passionate about it to love it, to love the way and the how I exist (live).

13- Write. Write lists, paragraphs on your days, one word or phrase that summarizes your feeling, quotes on sticky pads, speeches of encouragement, a journal, a blog, a doodle that becomes art, something! Pick up a pen or get to a form of technology with a keyboard or writing pad and allow yourself to create, freely express the inwards of your mind to yourself and/or the world.

14- Ask no question, tell no lie. When you ask questions be smart with it, word it correctly, be direct and say it from an honest mouth then be prepared that the answer could be a lie or truth which could be beautiful or ugly. I learned this via people asking me questions and I asked if they were sure they wanted to know because sometimes I have shocking answers. I try to answer with honesty if not I won’t answer them.

15- Know your worth. This has been preached for years to me in one way but lets not go preachy and apply it across the board. Know your value and what your time means, know how much you can tolerate, know how much you should have to endure with people in any form of relationship, know what you should invest your valuable time in and to whom. Can you afford to wait 3 hours for a friend to reach your study date when the exam is in one week? Can you afford to be a professional on a topic and be undermined or underpaid for the high quality performance you prepared to give?

16- Read a book. Dammit at 21 you need to read a book or 12! It’s vital to the evolutionary process. Learn to love to read or listen to books, whether for pleasure or new information you need to read.

17- You are enough and perfect for the heart that is meant to love you. Trent Shelton (ig, twitter and fb), thank you.
18- Don’t cry over spilled milk, sour milk, old love(ers). @lovefola and mom, thank you.
19- Learn a language and travel. It makes you interesting and a better member of the world.

20- Question everything. This is biblical but I rarely think of the Bible for this. In uni you’re taught to critically analyse, reflect or justify something and you have to apply that to everything especially yourself. Why should I buy milk here when it’s cheaper across the road? Is it because I’m lazy or I’m loyal or this brand is better? When looking at yourself, I suggest you spend 3 weekends a year questioning you and who you are and what you stand for. Being open and inquisitive to my morals, beliefs, feelings has been freeing and I’ve understood myself better.

21- There’s no manual for life or new situations you just do it and learn from it. Trust me I asked my friends if there’s a manual when I started hitting things left, right and center. They said no, even though I would have liked to have known that on my 21st birthday just to be slightly more prepared that what you get yourself into you have to ask for advice then work your way out as safely (for you) as possible.

Onto my 22nd year. Thank you dear readers for reading and I hope that in every post you’re still learning, smiling or hmm’ing about me! Xx



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