I write a lot to breathe for a moment out of time.

I learned to be super nice, 8 months ago my character wasn’t like this. So coming back home and not feeling that niceness shocks me. It happened this week with customer service. The old me would not have seen it badly but now, I get offended and MAD, mad enough to want to slam the shoe in the woman’s face.

Then back to living with people, family for that matter! Talking to myself happens less, being called to do stuff happens more. There’s no more co-living and co-sharing of materials, it’s back to a dictatorship of go and do this and get shouted at for a few minutes then continue shouting about it when you’re sent away. It was readjusting back to my previous culture, I haven’t been shouted at in a long time.

I think friends and family need to respect when people return from living away for more than 30 days. Friends understand it and can see changes but you didn’t leave from living with your friend to come back to them, you left from living with your family to come back to them. Siblings adjust at having you back quickly but how often are your siblings in an authoritative role? It’s the parents that try for a week but expect you to remember that you are their child. There’s no allowing the 2 worlds to blend, it’s ‘your under my roof so remember how you are supposed to be’. How do you expect young adults to manage when that’s not something they’ve had to do for 3 years of university or 2+ years with their long term spouse?

I would love to know of family situations where it worked out well, the coming home and getting along fine again. Especially from non-white families.

I have a headache, am drinking 8 month old Lucozade and have notes to make from the manual. Lot’s to focus on, ciao xx


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