Happy Hippieness

Woke up utterly happy and grateful. Jumped out of bed as soon as i was up as for the past 2 weeks I’ve been waking between 6 & 8am and then the act of falling back to sleep has been mythical. I started my day with my NT CD and played Ephesians and Colossians while I did my morning yoga for about 40 minutes, meditation time is so good for you. This week I’ve been on a specific journey where I’ve wandered but learned quite a bit about my new project. Took out my curl rods and smiled with the day. Then remembered someones status about love and how we don’t accept love when we’ve been hurt, even God’s love we sometimes don’t accept and I agree.

I want that love love, that good good love, that warmth in my bones from love not lust kind of love.

I saw an image about wanting to be loved like Nutella, but here’s mine:

I want someone to look at me the same way that I look at Christmas dinner with my special cake.

That ‘WOW I need that in me asap…I needa taste that and whisper real sweet stuff to her…I need to have that more than once!’ Haha obviously food will waste away but you get my drift and oh yes I whisper to my food when I know it will bless my soul!

Happy Saturday all, smile a little, laugh a lot 🙂 xx



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