Your confidence

Thanks to the help of a few people in Spain I’ve learned to be more confident in myself by loving all of me which has led to me wanting to keep living out of the box.
Your confidence can affect someone else’s. When you say you can and you do that which you said- whether you fail or succeed- people will notice the confidence you displayed to do the thing. Your confidence can directly affect another person.
Don’t dull your light baby, you have to shine!

I set my friends a challenge in Menorca:talk to atleast one new person everyday and find out about them. They superceded this from day 2! On the 1st day, me being me was talking to staff around our nearest beach and i was getting joke. My friend asked about how i could just do it but i don’t know, i just do. You too, have to just do! I’ve learned to like talking to people so here in another Spanish place i just jump in and see wagwarn, plus I’ve actually had to speak in Spanish and translate which has been fun!
Menorca has been a joy. The beaches of son Xoriguer and cala n bosch were beautiful. The guys on the ‘don poncho’ boat like Laz and the others were jokes and helped when we jumped off the boat. The staff at ‘why not’ gave us free drinks and jokes, thanks Danny and Joan (weewee)! The Irish Danny who gave us sandwiches at Chaplins on the harbour and told us about his life was cool too. Then the beach spices whom are both our beach boys, Ernesto and Ben, were great conversationists. We met a lot of people especially at the San Joan parties. They were live and we have to come back next year for the whole thing plus for more basketball with little Marc 😉
Got to do some cliff jumping at the Bird’s cave and rented a car and we successfully drove on the right hand side😏 (the minor mistakes we made on the road were ok because we’re still alive). The only thing i regret is forgetting my nice tan sandals in our Nissan Micra. Even though i wore the traditional Menorcan shoes more often or was bare foot, sigh i just have never forgotten shoes😣… Anywho!
Spain is a land that I’ve fallen in love with. America still is in my dreams but here is where my food is!
Haha xx



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