Rarely am I drunk and even more rarely am I lost. Lost in the sense that I have plans in place but I don’t know what I wnat to do. Simple decisions become hard: do I want to go by train or by bus?
In a slightly wavy state I recognise that yes I am a tad off course. My friend has a compass tat that isn’t positioned straight because she wanted it that way. I see it and see that in me, currently not straight and dangling a bit to the left. I know what I want to see and do but the order and the bits in between seems hazy. So many good opportunities but which do u choose? So many good doors open into grand rooms with even more doors!
Life is on a bit of a summer tangent and it’s all fun but I’d like more control again. This drift til a gosl can start is alien to me.
Tonight I feel loss. After a few dozen beers in the various civilised lands I’ve touched from being in the mountains I know I have to do a couple things and solidify this 2014/2015 academic year. I’m gunna smash uni with a 1st. Somehow. Haven’t fully worked it out :-/

Watch this space! Xx


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