10 hrs and 10 minutes without my phone

Dear readers,
On Friday night during the final Alcazaba talent show my phone died on me for 10 hrs and 10 minutes. I didn’t think it would live. If i knew where i was going in Madrid it would’ve been fine but as it was the last night in Granada i was genuinely concerned about getting lost amongst other things.
I think the first thought was- tell someone to text mom my arrival details so they could pick me up Monday after midnight. Then I panicked about Madrid-metro, hostel, getting lost, not finding my friend. Plus since my watch died I did not have anything to tell the time and my phone is the alarm clock too! After that I noticed the 21st century teenager in me: instagram!!!, twitter!! Even whatsapp because I had great convos I reread now n again, pics from friends, voicenotes from ppl around the world and I was in the middle of 2 convos -_-
In order of panic: parents picking me up, being lost in Madrid and no whatsapp. Those were the biggest fears in those 10 hours and 10 minutes.
Suffice to say, Saturday after brekky I Google’d the problem and wiped my phone (never been so thankful that my phone was rooted last yr)! However this meant all numbers i hadn’t backed up since leaving for Spain in Sept 2013 was gone. Also all my pictures from camp-gone. I had an incline to save them on Dropbox last wk but i didn’t. I’ve never missed my lappy so much too, because normally it would get backed up every week since I’ve been saving things to my phone and not my memory card. Anyway, it’s alive and brought me to Madrid where I checked out of one hotel then into another, met a fellow ex CAP and will get me to the airport tomorrow.

I’m sure there’s wonderful things of not being so attached to your phone but I haven’t had to experience that since I was 17/18 when my cybershot died.

Has anyone gone phone less for a period of time? Let me know!



5 thoughts on “10 hrs and 10 minutes without my phone

  1. *laughs* This shows how a “mere” phone is much more. It’s an alarm; calculator; camera. Hell, it was my laptop before I got one. I can’t recall an involuntary period of being phone-less, however, I do envision my future of living without one. My phone is the cause of a lot of distraction. Namely, not going to bed on time.

    1. Good on you for imagining a life without it! I try to out my phone down then sleep but often times I fall asleep in whatsapp haha. Being without my phone was difficult because of the situation of getting around in Spain. I wiped it because it was the 3rd option to try after 1&2 didn’t work. It’s now alive. I do miss my pics from camp but I survived!

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