A Letter To The Daughter I May Never Have

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My dearest daughter, I’m writing this to you at age 27, at which point I still don’t know how to change a diaper. And I have to tell you right away, I live in a world where planes crash unexpectedly, and love doesn’t always win, and I eat pesticides…


If he could see what I see and want what I want, He could be- The guide to my ecstasy. If he listened closely to my beat of life, Like his own, He could be- The guide to my ecstasy. If he felt the heavens tremble like I with him Here on earth, He could … More Ecstasy

8 months

8 months (3 ish terms) and that’s it. 8 months of the most challenges I’ll probably face until I’m ready to do this again. I’m living in today but preparing for tomorrow. I’m excited for it to be over so I can hold it dear as one of those strange memories, I’m sure I’ll forget the … More 8 months