A sea of faces

We see millions (probably billions for the business heads, airhostess people, hotel people and globetrotters) of faces in our lifetime, we make thousands of friends and by 30 can probably remember a hundred or so by name.
I’ve been through so many airports in the last year (350 days) of my life. I’ve seen faces of all colours, beauty, disfigurements and all the rest of it.
I love flying and to not do that for a year of my life is kinda wierd. But the random faces I see at airports always holds a story. I want to know more about them.
I’m currently in a Milan airport and have seen guys who were here on holiday, a fashionista, annoying to sleepy toddlers, businessmen, eccentric people that look like musicians, tall and short and then the guys who just rolled out of bed and or missed their alarm.
I love the accents that connect with these faces, not always they fit but yet they’re interesting. I feel cultured just to be in their presence with the different languages, travellers are intriguing people.
I’m quite introverted but seeing all these new faces is nice. Shows there are other people out there, there’s more than your country, city, community, friendship bubble. It’s wonderful.

Have a great day all, I don’t know many of your faces but just know I think you’re beautiful ♡ xx

Repost from instagram

Ps- thank you Italy for this last trip that I know of for the year, haha!


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