Health conscious

-Btw would it be health conscious or conscience? Hmm

Since Jan/Feb I can say I started being more health conscious and doing things that were good for the soul.

I always focused on food for health. Making sure I eat right and exercise sometimes that was often enough. But for about 2 wks prior to going to Italy I subconsciously realised there’s more to this. Today it dawned on me that I have to do more, #healthiswealth.

A healthy mind, body, spirit, soul along with relationships, finances, environments and ways of communication. I need it all to be taken seriously. I need to get my mind right and find motivators that will get me through 3rd yr because the urges to quit have been strong. I need to keep on top of exercise now that I’m back home. I want my spirit and soul to be at peace and aligned with the things I’m creating and getting involved in. I require relationships where we all grow and can go home saying yeah that interaction was worth changing out of my pjs for. I want my bank account to be chilling and to know the differences between needs and wants: I’m currently struggling with needing to have every new Nike Pegasus yet it’s a want and I can live without it. The environments I’m in must be productive for wealth- uni needs to be inspiring, work needs to b satisfying, home needs to be filled with love and so on!

Why I get sober at 1am I don’t know. But I know that the typical boundaries of health need to be extended!


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